LILT FILMS is devoted to storytelling. Gathering ideas, looking for the unique voice in each project, and weaving the threads together into creatively told stories that engage audiences is what it’s all about.

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Mr. Used

An elderly shopkeeper looks back with regret and longing, while memories of beauty lurk around every corner. When we write our own tragedies, do we have anyone to blame but ourselves?

This film was produced during the Hamilton 24-Hour Film Festival, 2014, and was shot against the backdrop of the locally renowned ‘Mr. Used’ store. The cast and crew created an intimate story amidst the piles of dusty old junk in the large warehouse space. Mr. Used features Gord Jackson & Karijn de Jong, and includes the previously unreleased song, ‘Zabriskie Point’, from Hamilton dream pop band, SIANspheric.

Aurally {Official Trailer}

The city is filled with stories. Some exist silently in the nightscape, while others invite us in. AURALLY ponders solitude, loneliness and un/happiness against a backdrop of late night radio and beautiful music.

This award-winning debut short film screened at several festivals, both in Canada and internationally, and also secured a Canadian distribution deal.