vcr DSC_0104I’m a filmmaker, and a media/visual artist. I’m also an arts-educator who has worked with the Art Gallery of Hamilton, The Royal Conservatory, and Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. My short films have screened at festivals in Canada and internationally. I’ve also been a freelance video editor for many years and have edited a variety of television series and short films, as well as commercials and other promo videos for corporate clients. I’ve served as a writer on many of these projects. Additionally, I was awarded the City of Hamilton Arts Award in Media Arts in 2018.

I love weaving stories with video, creating and designing stuff, and exploring materials. I graduated with a joint-degree from York University (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film & Video/English) and Sheridan College (Media Arts), and recently completed a Master’s degree at McMaster University (Gender Studies and Feminist Research). Highlighting feminism and social issues through an inclusive, intersectional, equity-seeking lens are constant goals in my work.